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Choose Joy

Joy is a choice. While it doesn't make the hard days disappear, making the conscious choice to choose joy enables you to see the good that is otherwise eclipsed. Choose joy and be a light to others.

Today I choose joy

And for all the other days

That march lockstep

One behind the other

My head will tilt

Upward into the bright

Blue beyond, eyes shining

A beacon for those

Whose gaze remains


The rain still comes

When choosing joy

But it does not cling

Endlessly, it is but


Leave the muck

And mud to yesterday

For when nightfall comes

The stars shine and

Your eyes


Life plays games,

Hide and seek

But all that is good

Will not stay hidden

When choosing


Lift your chin, dear

You are precious

And seizing the good

In every day to come

Will bring into focus


Time marches on

Night turns to morn

Together we trudge

Faces turned skyward

Now two instead of


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Charlotte A. Cason
Charlotte A. Cason
Jan 05, 2023

A very uplifting message. It is easy to give in during times of trouble and sadness, but those times don't last forever.

Holly Bills
Holly Bills
Jan 05, 2023
Replying to

100% agree!

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