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Come and Sit a Spell

In honor of all veterans, for Veterans Day. May we recognize what it means to serve and to live a life forever tied to just such a service.

Come and sit a spell

Lay your ruck sack and burdens down

Untie the many laces and threads

Of memories both good and haunting

Let your eyes adjust

Out of the thousand-yard stare

And into the present

After the free meals and handshakes

And thank-yous for your service

Smiles and camaraderie

With other branches

Who may not have walked your path

But understand, inherently

Come and sit a spell

Watch the sun as it marks

Day unto night

And night unto day

Whether in peacetime

Or in war torn corners

The sun, ever constant

Marking passage

Of enlistments and deployments

Discharges and retirement

Fight for what is worth remembering

And guard against the terrors of the night

But for this moment at least

Come and sit a spell

No need for words

Let the silence carry

For in it, all that needs to be said

Is transmitted

Message received

I will stay here

Shoulder to shoulder

With you

My friend

We all stumble

We all fall

To rise is a choice

I hope you make

And find comfort enough

To know your worth and value

And find your peace


Come and sit a spell

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Holly Bills
Holly Bills
Nov 12, 2023
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Thank you!

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