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Some of us are broken by this world, tattered and worn. We seek comfort, even as comfort eludes our sight. Where does comfort reside? Southern Holly is proud to present Sarandon's poem "comfort" as a guest feature.


by Sarandon

I want to be comfortable in my body

In my own damaged shredded skin

I want to feel sane when i see my reflection

I don't want to hear others thoughts in my mind

I want to be comfortable in my mind

I want to be comfortable with my thoughts and my feats

I don't want to feel withdrawn from the rest of the world

My new taciturn infused identity

My disarranged soul

But I have lived this long in uncomfort

I have lived with my heavy anima

I have lived inside this safe haven

That only feels safe because the jagged edges of reality

Have been worn down by the cornerstones of my brain

I am made by the same as the people i see when i look around

We are all made the same

But when i was made my makings cracked

When those pieces joined together they left holes

Those holes were filled with uncertainty, disillusion..

Those fillings came from an unrefined me

One who had not found herself

Her place

Her choice


I found a change in the foundation

I found guidance within myself

I found me

I found comfort



Sarandon is a 12 year-old girl fascinated with words. Intrigued with the edges outlining books. She's been astonished by words since a young age and wanted to use them to her best ability. Sarandon is in grade 7 and continues to love reading no matter what kind of peers surround her. She has been driven to write because her soul feels content when the pen hits the paper.

She is a girl in love with words.

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