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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Bearing silent witness, trees speak to our soul, guiding us to our truth.

I have a love affair with trees. No matter the season, they provide me with endless inspiration, a well of peace, and hope for the morrow. And at times they offer a reminder to break out of being engrossed and ensnared on the current path, oblivious to the surroundings and possibilities.

Masters of resiliency, searching for sunlight amidst the darkness, trees stand resolute when nature attempts to fell them. With the wisdom of the strength it takes to exist in the elements, they are not content to simply stand aside. Canopies of protection cover the life below, and branches embrace those seeking security from innumerable threats.

Keeping to our path, eyes focused on the here and now, we are easy prey for the wolves of routine and complacency. Comfort found in the mundane becomes all consuming. Relishing the expectations of the next day, we fail to notice that cool wind creeping through, signaling a season of change.

Caught unaware, difficult seasons may blind, delay, or lead us astray. Victim to the winter of adversity, two lines of thought prevail. One is to put one foot in front of the other, head down, making infinitesimal progress. The other runs contrary, wherein the swiftness of motion hurtles you forward--until the realization dawns that your efforts are only treading the same mud puddle.

When mired in the mud or immobilitzed by the intensity, look up. Look up through the trees. A fierce protector, halos of light peeking through the canopy offer a third, less well known option. Rebirth.

Rebirth is a gift, and one that you can accept or decline. Why were you on the path you were on? Was it by choice or necessity? Tethered to the habitual, lashed by expectations--rebirth offers a spring for a greater purpose, YOUR greater purpose.


The winter of adversity is the precipice of peace and truth.


As the wind dies down, listen for your voice. Faint at first, it may be hard to distinguish from the internal breeze rustling your thoughts and anxieties. There, THAT voice. Listen to it; encourage its expression.

Follow your truth onto the tree lined path you were meant for. And remember the halo of light through the canopy that led you there.

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