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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Gratitude and self-determination entice us to new waters as we disembark from that which has defined us thus far.

A shift has happened between the sunset of 2021 and the dawn of 2022. For the first time in two years, so many of us are awakening and choosing--CHOOSING--to embrace life in a new way.

Capturing this image in April 2022, ripples emanating from the shoreline break away, adding an unparalleled dimension of beauty that beckons us closer.


Conversations have more quickly moved past pleasantries and into the expressions of true identities. The undertow of time has manifested as the dominant force in electing appreciation, gratitude, and simply wanting more of the intangible that gives us purpose.

Society is moving past the vocalization of aspirations and into the methodical propulsion of oneself to make the intangible tangible. Simply put, the status quo is losing status,

Electing joy and embracing your gifts and talents is the first ripple. Charting where the current flows from those waves of self-realization adds yet another ripple. Setting sail towards that destination unleashes a torrent of ripples--colliding with and influencing those whose shoreline to this point has remained unaltered.


Where will your new view in 2022 take you?

  • How has gratitude refocused your worldview?

  • What gifts do you intend to nurture?

  • Why is this moment in time a season of renewal and self-discovery?

  • How are you enriched by embracing that which gives you purpose?

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