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Forever Changed

Who changed your life? Whose words left you forever changed? Words, those humble and unassuming things, quietly and resolutely give us something to lean on.

Tell me, who is it? You know, the person who changed your life? Have you ever thought about it? Maybe you could spit out the name before you finish reading this sentence. Maybe there isn’t a clear winner because there are multiple people. Maybe you feel you have gotten to this point on your own accord, without the significant help of any one person or persons.

But there are other things that change lives aside from people.


There is power in words. Power to change the future, power to understand the past, power to navigate the present.

The power to connect, to inspire. To spread light to the furthest reaches imaginable. To realize that our best days are not behind us, but in front of us.

To soldier on through the night of darkest black. To muster up the last vestiges of strength in a body one step away from the ledge of despair or surrender.

Words alone have that power.

They exist outside the confines of our own time, our defined generation. Whether simple musings or a doctoral dissertation, words make an indelible mark on the paths of untold souls.

Writers, like any other sub-group, come as introverts and extroverts. But I would wager a guess that the majority are introverts. To find peace and contentedness in the expanse of a blank page takes the stamina of an introvert.

Every word on that blank page matters.

Every word builds an intricate web that creates connection and meaning.

Every. Word.

Purpose is the invisible force that propels every situation. Joy and pain both serve to build character. But the words you use to define those extremes, to light the way ahead for those lost along the way is the most significant and enduring way to change lives.

Words must be shared more.

Words must be lauded more.

When we have an opportunity to thank those who stand behind us, who give us strength, wisdom, compassion—we must remember.

Remember the words who quietly and resolutely give us something to lean on.

The words who beckon through the tempest. The words who wrap our hearts in their hands. The words who, once read, leave us forever changed.

And so now I ask you again, who changed your life?

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