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The Centering of Humility

Humility is the value that keeps us centered. Do not lose sight of that which has made you so

Odd to have a picture of a picture as the accompanying image for a blog post. But perhaps not.

I took the time to hang some of the more meaningful photos I have taken in my office. The one you see here is the one with so many storytelling and editorial possibilities. A simple dirt road with a blue sky and trees with Spanish moss swaying.

Of this particular dirt road, I have taken more than my fair share of pictures over the years. Many of those pictures are of better quality…better positioned, more dramatic, more focused, with clouds and a sun that masterfully display their flair for the artistic.

The question then arises, if there are so many better pictures to choose from, why choose this comparatively humble image?



The dichotomy of two very different worlds with a foot in each.

This is where my story began. A rural, South Georgia county most have never heard of. A dirt road where my first steps were taken, and one that remains a dirt road even now. Wi-fi does not reach here and the cell service is spotty at best.

A picture of this place now hangs in a Class A high rise on the most prominent street in Atlanta.

In my office.

Funny the twists and turns life takes you on.

Rather than opine on the many routes this picture and its placement may take in editorial form, I want to speak about humility.

Humility is the value that keeps us centered. Reminds us that we are not the end all, be all. In a world that screams look at me, look at what I have achieved—humility turns the volume down, and invites us to sit for a spell.

Humility creates space for reflection and invites empathy. It sees the others in the room and recognizes that we should learn from everyone, and not just the ones sitting at the head of the table or with the corner office.

Humility creates possibilities. To be sure, other values do as well. But those other values, like endurance, motivation, and drive, often minimize the parts of ourselves we tend to gloss over and at times even forget about.

Keep a visual reminder of what humility means for you close at hand. A picture, a knick-knack, a book, or whatever other form it may take.

Do not lose sight of that which has made you…so inherently…you.

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