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The Refuge of Art

Art is as intrinisic to life as the air that we breathe. It is a refuge we all seek, knowingly or not. And it brings this writer great comfort. Thank you to the artists.

Whatever your line of work or hobby, there has been a time where it didn’t come easy. It doesn’t matter the cause. What did you do in that moment, whether it was fleeting or longer lasting? Who, what, or where did you turn to?

Writing is like a spigot. Sometimes it blasts like a fire hydrant with inspiration running everywhere, drenching you in its spray. Other times it runs steady and true and allows the work to be done well. And yes, there are the times when it slowly drips and even falters, running dry. I can’t predict the flow, but without a doubt what happens in life does affect the flow.

My family had a difficult time this Thanksgiving. Our beloved dog, whom we have had for over 14 years of her 15+ year life was dying. This would be her last Thanksgiving with us. We had a vet appointment for Monday morning, but she passed away on Sunday evening. She was at home, with the four of us gathered around as she took her last breaths. With her last breaths, this writer lost the ability to put into words what her life and loss has meant.

And I began thinking that when major life events happen to us, most of us turn to art. Art has an unspoken healing component that fills us up when we most need it. And not only for the sad times, we also seek it in the joyous and everyday times.

Art is more than pen and paper. It surrounds and envelopes us. It is so intrinsic that we often don’t stop to realize how much it is imbedded into the fabric of our lives.

A world without art is a world without:

  • Paintings & Drawings

  • Photography

  • Music

  • Books

  • Poetry

  • Movies

  • Landscaping

  • Nature

  • Architecture

  • Fashion

  • Furniture Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Interior Design

  • Culinary Arts

  • Cosmetics & Hair Styles

  • Theatre

  • Comedy

  • And More…

Could you live in a world without art? Yes. But would you want to?

Everything that we are and aspire to be could not be without art. It gives us the voice when we cannot speak, the sounds when we cannot hear, and the color when we struggle to see.

Art needs to be recognized for the true value it brings to our lives.

Why does it bring such meaning? Most artists struggle. They struggle like anyone else, but oftentimes there’s another dimension. Comedians are notorious for struggling with depression. Sketchers are perfectionists, trashing works others see as phenomenal. But as a whole, artists put their being into their work and continue on when they get rejection after rejection after rejection. It’s a greater calling. A difficult calling. And a calling that can’t be ignored or put aside. Maybe they will get recognition in their lifetime, and maybe they won’t. Maybe their value comes later and inspires generation after generation.

Thank you to the artists.

Thank you for being a refuge in the storm of grief.


Dedicated to Princess 2007-2022

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Excellent article! To Princess!

Holly Bills
Holly Bills
Dec 02, 2022
Replying to

Thank you! To Princess! ❤️

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