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Finding Laughter in Life's Absurdities

Life has a wicked sense of humor, and never is it more evident than when one thing after another goes wrong.

Life has a wicked sense of humor. And never more do I feel it than when one thing after another goes wrong. Really, it’s a series of pranks of the highest order.

In short order this week, we have had the basement flood, an office flood, power outages, medical issues, a flat tire, a broken toilet, and a fridge that died, uttering its last gasp into the chasm of our garage. Rest in peace, garage fridge.

Any single one of these things is an irritant, an inconvenience, another thing requiring time and money. Combine them in a small window of time, and it could easily send you into a vortex of short tempers, annoyances, and screaming into your pillow that if one more bleeping thing happens, well, fill in the blank.

When the cascade of no-good, very bad things ripple through life, realize it for what it is. It is life acting like the prankster, the proverbial sibling, the class clown, or funny video.

I seriously pause and tell my spouse that all we can do is laugh. And I proceed to actually laugh. All these trivial things, we have the choice to make a mountain out of a mole hill or laugh like a hyena at the sheer absurdity of it all.

Have faith that everything will get handled in time. Center yourself around the idea that while things are ridiculous now and require more of you, every day will not be like this one. Peace and constancy will return.

Surround yourself with people who see through the same lens. After all, it’s much easier to clean up the remains of a recently expired fridge when you have a partner emanating the same world view. Teamwork and the ability to hug and share a smile through the madness makes the inconvenience a mere blip in the day.

Trails, paths, hollers, roads, and passes cover the South, each with undeniable beauty and individuality. And admittedly I am a willing victim, wound into their picturesque web, pausing to capture its essence through a camera lens. As I walk and snap one photo after another, my eyes are not always focused on exactly where I am walking. A little trip happens, but I quickly revert to staying the course, focusing on getting the best angle and light.

Things going wrong—those are the trip ups; we can elect to stop, return home and sulk or we can carry on, focusing on what our path and purpose is all about.

Every day is a choice, a path, and an opportunity.

Roll with the punches. Vent to your heart’s delight. Squeeze the innards out of a stress ball.

But always, ALWAYS, find your way back to laughter.

And if I may be so bold, lift up some words for the repose of the garage fridge. It had a good life.

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